FRESH, curated, awesome beer to your bar, restaurant or bottleshop.

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Beer tastes better when it's FRESH.

Why use Beer Hawk Fresh Distribution:

  • Refrigeration + FRESH beer = higher GP - simple science dictates that beer remains fresher when it’s stored cold
  • Same day delivery in London and next day* delivery to across the UK
  • Exclusive beers from US breweries including Modern Times, Rare Barrel, Great Divide, Alpine and Belching Beaver
  • World class UK beer from Fierce Beer, Two Tribes and Big Drop and many more
  • Easy online ordering with real-time inventory
Perfect beer

We let the beer do the talking

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These are just a few of the incredible breweries we are partnering with to bring you the freshest beer on the market.

We only work with breweries who produce consistently world class beer. Beers that you can rely upon to satisfy your customers need for craft beer.

We're working with RateBeer to give every outlet confidence to ensure your customers know these beers are commercially outstanding and loved by others.

Andrew in the warehouse

A note from Andrew Morgan:

Heading-up Beer Hawk FRESH has given me the opportunity to give the benefits of refrigerated beer to every bar, restaurant and bottle shop in the UK. We're all about fresh ideas as well as fresh beer and will be able to offer next day delivery with no minimum order quantity to the majority of the UK.

All our beer will be stored under 6 degrees and we're the only end-to-end importer who is 100% refrigerated and the only one with a refrigerated warehouse in central London.

This means we'll be able to offer same-day deliveries to any bar that needs an emergency top-up of beer in London - and, as with all our deliveries, our kegs will be delivered cold so you'll always know they're as fresh as can be. No more fobbing foam, more profit per keg and happy customers who are tasting beer as the brewers intended.